five minutes before国产女人高潮抽搐喷水嗷嗷叫

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five minutes before国产女人高潮抽搐喷水嗷嗷叫

Author's note: This "saga" is just a collection of descriptive sexual encounters between characters. I tried to give each one a (probably lame) back story by writing it into the sex, however, the purpose of this is for sexual enjoyment. Often whilst I'm browsing porn on xnxx, I get bored, and come to find some sex stories instead to get me off. That's what these stories are for. This kind of stuff gets me off - I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on it! I didn't waste time describing settings etc, you can fill that with your own imagination (whenever I'm reading stories on this forum, for some reason, in my head, most of them take place in this house I lived in when I was about 7).++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Anna, Bethany and ClareAlly woke up horny. She stumbled out of bed and walked to the bathroom."Hey! Where do you think you're going?" Came a voice.The noise of Ally getting up had woken her sister up too. It wasn't surprising; although they were 18, they slept in the same bed. Ally stopped in the doorway and turned to look at Beth."Sorry Beth... I just really needed to piss when I woke up!" she told her sister. Beth was laying on her side, wearing red silk lingerie which she generally slept in, her head propped up on one arm and her slender body showing off its brown tan in the sunlight which forced its way through the curtains. Her blonde hair looked neat even though she'd just woken from a 12 hour sleep, and her make-up didn't look too bad either. It must have been a pretty deep sleep. She tilted her head forward slightly and widened her eyes; a small pout spread across her lips as she tried to guilt-trip her sister. "Ugh... come on then, you!" Ally said, as if she had read Beth's mind. "I should have known you'd want me to involve you!""Thanks, Al" Beth said as a deceptively innocent smile ran from her lips to her eyes. "You know I love watching you piss".She half jumped, half walked out of the bed to follow Ally into the bathroom. Ally's ass wiggled as she walked, clearly putting on a show for her sister, each buttock forming a beautiful crease next to her leg, and then smoothing out again as she reached the front of her stride. The girls were often told that their asses looked "like a second pair of tits without the nipples", which they took as a compliment. A small triangle of daylight was visible just below their pussies. The two worked hard on their physical appearance, and hard work paid off.Ally got to the bathroom, pulling her panties down as she crossed the doorway. A glistening string of pussy juice held on to the gusset of her panties, as if in a weak attempt to hold them in place. She threw the light blue lacy knickers at Beth with a wink."Ahh thanks! I should have known you'd wake up horny. God I love your pussy in the mornings! Thanks for this," she smiled as if a great gift had been received, "I wish my cunt would leak like yours does."She brought the wet gusset up to her lips and cutely began to taste the girl-cum Ally had leaked onto them. She was like a child with a particularly morish dessert, savouring each lick to prolong the experience. She kissed the wet patch as though it were a lover's lips, smiling at her sister as she did."You're so cute" Ally said as she watched her sister appreciate her pussy's taste. "Come over here baby you've earned my piss this morning." She beckoned with her hand, causing her bare breasts to jiggle slightly. She subconsciously grasped at her nipple and pinched it briefly, a reaction she'd always had when she was anticipating sexual activity. "hang on, I've just got to finish with these" Beth said."Well hurry up, I'm bursting!" Ally desperated.Beth gave the blue panties a long lick to quickly spread the delicious cum onto her tongue. She looked pleased with it and very briefly like she might have been satisfied. She kissed her sister on the lips to share some of the taste."Mhmm, nothing like panty cum to start off filthy Saturday is there?" Ally said. The girls smiled at each other and shared a few more affectionate kisses on the lips."Shall I piss on your pussy then?" Ally asked Beth, who had taken off her panties and had begun to sit on the bathroom floor."Yes please; try to get it as a stream rather than splashing everywhere, I want to run my clit under it" Beth said. Her voice had changed slightly to reflect the sexual desperation that was taking over her."Okay gorgeous girl. Here it comes" Ally said with a smile as she squatted down. Beth was sitting on the floor, her legs open. She leaned back slightly with her upper back against the wall, one hand was holding her pussy lips apart whilst the other stabilised her. Ally noticed a gentle drip of excitement run out from Beth's cunt opening, and down to her asshole. She wondered what her own cunt looked like from her sister's point of view."God you're hot" Beth said quietly. Ally just smiled as the stream of piss began to run out of her pussy. She lent a hand to it, holding the lips apart to encourage a single stream of piss to splash over her sister's clit. Beth didn't make a sound; her breathing was heavy and her head tilted backwards. She had a smile across her face and her eyes slightly closed, but couldn't close them fully because of the temptation to watch her sister's pussy sowing its gift down onto her. Her clit felt amazing."I love pissing on your gorgeous cunt like this," Ally said, "and god your face is hot.""It just feels amazing, so warm and so dirty." Beth's voice was strangely loving; to an onlooker it may have sounded out of place, as though the girls were engaging in regular, uninteresting activity. As Ally let the last of her piss trickle out, she sat down across Beth's lap and planted a long kiss on her lips. The girls' faces were quite similar; they were both 18 and born 10 months apart. Although Beth was the younger one, it wasn't obvious. They'd been sleeping in the same bed since they were 14, and were deeply in love with each other in a very sexual way."I can't believe how far we've come together sometimes," Beth said with a smile. Her hand was still on her pussy, gently moving to illicit a feeling in her clit. Ally's pussy pressed gently against Beth's wrist as she gyrated it, naturally after the piss and the sexual turn on of the situation, Beth's wrist was wet and they could hear a very faint squelch as it separated and reunited Ally's cunt lips. Beth continued."How many girls our age have what we have? We make love to each other, we care for each other, we support each other... I'm just so happy that I've got you. You're gorgeous, amazing, you have a fucking hot pussy, and I love you!" She kissed Ally and smiled at her, keeping eye contact as she spread her love."Aww baby, thank you. I'm just glad we've got each other. I couldn't imagine waking up in the morning without your lips waiting for me, or going to bed without kissing your cunt. I never thought, when we were 14 and first masturbated together, that it would lead to this." She recalled their first encounter, where they had explored their bodies as innocently as any young teenager does."I know, Al. You're perfect - and a complete whore!" she giggled."Oh shut up you're worse than me!"The two kissed again and stood up. After a rinse in the shower they put their dressing gowns on and headed down to breakfast.Ally was first to enter the kitchen. Their mother, Clare, had one leg up on a chair and was fingering her cunt gently. She was faced away from the girls as they walked in, her pert, round, perfectly proportioned ass slightly apart. Her asshole was visible, and her inner lips followed the movement of her fingers. She was almost silhouetted against the bright kitchen window. She was looking up, watching the TV screen that was in the corner of the kitchen. It was a video of the empty bathroom where Beth and Ally had just been. Clare heard them enter and turned around."Morning beauties, how are you this morning? Good sleep?" She smiled and walked over, arms wide to hug her daughters. She was wearing a tight white T shirt pulled over her tits quite tightly, and nothing else. Presumably her panties had come off when she started masturbating. Her blonde hair, exactly the same shade as her daughters', fell down over her shoulders. Unlike Beth, her hair was messy after the night's sleep, but looked beautiful anyway. Her eyes were large and friendly, and she was as toned and womanly as her daughters. They did work out together, usually, to maintain good shape."So, were you watching us then?" Ally asked her mother. She picked up the black satin thong that was on the floor, which her mother had obviously taken off to finger herself, and brought it to her lips, sucking on the small wet section of material that had clung to her mother's horny pussy moments before."Yes I was - and I am so proud of you two. I'm so happy that my girls are so happy." She was referring to the TV she'd been watching which, five minutes before, had been a live CCTV stream of her daughters' sex session. "Thanks, Mum" Beth said as Clare put her arms around the girls. Ally dipped her head slightly,手机在线看永久av片免费 found her mother's nipple standing out under her T shirt, and sucked on it. Clare's breast milk filtered through the soft cotton and into Ally's hungry mouth."Mhmm I thought you'd be a hungry girl after that naughty session earlier!" Clare said, looking down at Ally. Ally smiled but did not take her lips away from her mother's leaking breast. Beth gently licked her mother's lips as if to divert her attention away from Ally. Clare looked pleased, and kissed Beth."Come on girls let's go and sit down. I love it when you suck the milk out of my tits every Saturday. I'm so glad we carried on breastfeeding together way past the normal age. You've grown into such beautiful young women.""Mum, honestly I think we're so attracted to each other because of our little milk drinking sessions growing up. When we used to sit and feed on your tits, we felt so comfortable with your body. I guess that's why we started touching your pussy as we sucked, because we were just so secure and loved." Beth said. They all reached the living room sofa, Clare sat down, and the girls assumed a semi-foetal position either side of their mother, ready for their milk drinking session. "I set the living room camera up to better focus on this sofa by the way, seeing as that's where the three of us get up to most of our mischief in this room. Aunty Dianne suggested it - when we were watching some videos of you two sixty-nining in here last week she thought it'd be nicer to get a better view."Clare's sister, Dianne, was also an incestuous lesbian. The two sisters had grown up fingering and licking each other. Their parents never knew, and they had found it difficult to hold a relationship so secretively. Clare had decided that, if she ever had daughters, she would allow them to have a relationship and not have to keep it secret. She wondered if her active encouragement of her daughters' love for each other was healthy; it did seem unlikely that their sexual relationship would have occurred even if Clare wasn't aware of it, but that seemed to have been the case.Ally stopped sucking gratefully on her mother's milky tit for a second."It's so hot that you show videos of us to Aunty Dianne. When we go to stay with her, we feel like celebrities. She treats us as though she's a fan who's been watching us in movies, and has finally gotten to meet her idols. She fucks us with dildos and licks our assholes whilst we masturbate and never wants anything in return Mum, seriously. Obviously we like to taste her cunt but she's so eager to please us. It's fucking great to be honest!""Hehe, one thing you should understand about your Aunt is that she loves giving. She used to get me off every morning... anyway, how's my milk today? You're both gorgeous little sluts for sucking my milk you know. Drink your fill my angels.""It's delicious today. My pussy is so wet Mum, when your milk tastes good I can focus on how dirty we're being and it turns me on like fuck!" Beth said between sucks."Good, baby, I'm glad you like it." Clare assured her daughter, "if you ever get pregnant you can breastfeed me if you like."Ally, on the other hand, showed her appreciation for the milk by slipping a finger tenderly into her mother's wet vagina. Clare gasped slightly as Ally's finger caressed her pussy. She felt like the luckiest woman in the world to have her two daughters sucking her milk out, especially now that they were 18 and absolutely incredibly good looking. They still loved their mother's milky tits, and her cunt for that matter."Mum I've got a present for you!" Beth said quickly."What is it baby?" Clare asked."Oh! Oh my god, yes, good girl!" She suddenly said when she realised what was happening. Beth's pussy was dripping wet, as she let piss gently out. A wet patch started to form on the sofa."Oh yes, good girl! I'm so proud of you," Clare said, running her hand through the clear stream that leaked from her daughter, "piss for me and drink my milk.""Oh my god!" Said Ally when she realised. "Is she pissing? Ah let me see!" She let her mother's tit return to its hanging position, milk still slowly dripping from the nipple, and leant over."Rub it into her ass Mum, make it shiny!" She suggested.Clare began to direct the slow stream coming from her daughter's cunt onto her ass. Beth was laying stomach down on the sofa, sucking milk out of her mum's tit, with her mum's hand cupped around her vulva so the piss trickled across her buttocks. "That's beautiful baby, oh fuck, look at it Ally! Look what your little sister's doing for me! Come here girls!" She said, with such desperate pleasure in her voice, pulling Beth's lips up to hers. Beth let some milk that she hadn't swallowed trickle between her and her mother's lips, with Ally licking their lips and chins to get the milk. Beth's piss continued to leak out as they shared their dirty lesbian kiss."Ally, get some of your little sister's piss on your lips and kiss me like a good girl. You're my beautiful little sluts you know that, girls." Clare ordered, a reassuring, loving tone to her command. Clare did as she was told, thrusting her tongue into her sister's asshole and covering her lower face with the piss. She moved up and met Clare with a long, filthy kiss. They dribbled over each other as their tongues raced around, licking each others' lips. Beth sat up and smiled at the scene before her: her two lovers, just as much in love with each other as they were with her, making passionate, dirty love to each other. "Mum, can I milk your tit onto my pussy? I want to rub it into my cunt for when Ally licks me later.""Of course you can baby, here." Clare broke off the kiss with her eldest daughter and turned so that Beth could access her swollen, milky breast. Beth had moved so that she was sitting on the sofa, with her legs open, close to her mother so she could milk her nipple directly down onto her cunt. "There we go honey now squeeze away! Get a good amount on there, you know your sister loves milk and cunt juice." She told Beth, who was milking her mum's tit with one hand, and quickly rubbing her pussy with the other.Ally leaned over, looked her sister in the eye, and smiled in encouragement. "Finger your pussy baby sister, like a good girl. Would you like some spit?" she asked. Beth nodded in agreement and opened her mouth. Clare smiled in anticipation, gently held the back of Ally's head and guided it towards her sister. Ally's lips were dripping with milk, saliva, and small amounts of Beth's clear piss. She gathered a pool of the juices on her tongue, then, maintaining eye contact with Beth, spat the mixture onto her sister's mouth. Beth's lips were closed together and she licked them and grinned, kissing Ally passionately. As she did so, she felt her body contract under orgasm as she fingered her clit, lubricated with her mum's milk."Oh god, Ally your sister's cumming, grab her nipples. Hold her nipples and help her come like a slut!" Clare ordered.Ally did as instructed, milking her sister's nipples (without the milk, of course) as she shuddered in orgasm. Clare kissed Ally on the cheek as Beth came, encouraging her daughters' bonding. She was so proud to see her little slutty daughters being so dirty.Beth leant back, flat out on the sofa, whilst Ally and her mother gently kissed and licked each others' tongues."That was great... we're such a bunch of little whores!" she said."I know baby and I am so fucking happy that you came. Look at the wet patch you've left, you can see it even though you pissed there earlier!" Ally said.Clare looked from daughter to daughter, admiring their bodies and pretty faces."I love you girls." She said.