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an emphatic yes国产模特嫩模私拍视频在线

Picking up from Story #3...After getting the grand tour of the rest of their magnificent home, including spending nearly an hour outside in their beautiful gardens, we finished sipping our drinks on the edge of the pool with our feet dangling in the warm water. I didn’t want to leave. But if we were going to spend the night, we needed to get home and pack for Jim’s trip to N Florida and my stay with Kim. Mike got us out the door with the promise of the best steaks we have ever had if we got back in time for dinner. He claimed he had some “Japanese steaks” that were better than any in the entire freaking world! “Best in the whole world? What... Is Toyota now making steaks?” I teased Mike. He and Jim just rolled their eyes and Kim covered her mouth and conveniently turned away. That’s how it was going to be with these people. Teasing and being teased, with all of us making smart if not smart ass comments! This whole weekend might have turned out so differently if we hadn’t beenso relaxed around them. It felt like we had been friends for years. ——————-Well... with the bribe of Toyota steaks, we reluctantly scooted off to our home and that gave us some needed time during the drive to check in with each other about what we were getting ourselves into. “Ash... Do you really like this guy Mike? If not, you have to be careful. He’s head over heels about you and for a guy who has just had a new baby with such a beautiful wife...his emotions seem largely with you. The new family isn’t what’s grabbing him right now and it’s because of you. I’m serious Ash. He’s got it bad!”“Jim, no one has affected me like Mike since we got involved with Alex. I didn’t talk to you much about how desperately Alex wanted me to leave you and marry him. It was at least a fun idea to play with. But Mike has triggered those old feelings, feelings I thought were gone. Yes I like him. I like Mike a whole bunch. I have no problem thinking about spending a lot of time with him. And I’ll just come out and remind you... I really do want to have another baby and I’m thinking more and more everything could work out between the four of us. The idea of actually planning on getting pregnant with Mike, you know... deliberately fucking him on the optimal day... maybe filming it with you and Kim by my side watching it all, and feeling his seed going up in my cervix reaching my egg... Oh Jim, that gets me really wet! You know how much I’ve fantasized about that happening someday. This might be that guy!Tell me what you are thinking about Kim. Do YOU like HER? That’s the real question or is she too psycho for ya?”“She is a bit ‘out there’ with those dreams. I’m not really sure how I feel about all that yet and considering how much you and I have played with the fantasy of having another kid with a new guy, you must realize, this is no longer a fantasy. This is real, Ash. As far as how I FEEL about her... Kim is intoxicating to me like no other woman I’ve been with. When she gets me going, hell yes I want to knock her up! I’m just concerned that we don’t know them that well, especially to be thinking those kind of thoughts or making these kind of decisions. We are talking life long consequences when we talk about babies.”“Don’t you think I realize that Jim? Don’t you think I’ve considered all that every time we got hot and bothered over that very idea? But the excitement of someone fucking me without a condom so his cum is allowed up my cervix, that never went away. I didn’t just play with that fantasize while we were together. I used that thought to “get off” with most of the guys I’ve ever fucked. Saying... “Cum inside me and make me a baby” always got me and him “over the top.” The more I used that, the stronger my orgasms got! I know that fantasy stayed hot for you too. Why was that? Because you love playing the cuckolding game together! It wasn’t just the thought of me fucking another guy. We got used to that pretty quickly. What really worked was me having another guy’s baby! That always worked. Remember how it started? How many times did I deny you an orgasm until finally I felt you “deserved one?” I would keep you sooooo long “on the edge” by talking about letting some hot guy we might meet knock me up! Remember how I would always describe that guy as more handsome than you or smarter than you and how I wanted my new baby to have a cock as huge as his and not as tiny as yours? Remember how I would describe that baby as being much more beautiful or talented if it was his instead of yours? Maybe MY baby could even end up being a professional athlete if I chose a bulky stud instead of a wimpy guy like you? And then how we would drag you around clubs while I graded the single guys as possible fathers? Remember all that talk? You realize I said all those things because it was the only way I could get you that charged up? I did it all for you and I took your cuckolding fetish places that weren’t always enjoyable to me... but I always envied how erotic you could get. For instance... You must’ve realized what I was doing when I started making you go down on my pussy after you had come in it and how I trained you to completely suck me clean. Remember how that would always get you hard again? What would I then do? I would always suck you off! I did that because I loved you so much. Remember the first time I came home with Jerry and he fucked me right on the hood of his car, in our driveway, with the headlights on, and I came in after he was done using me with all his cum running down my legs and I made you clean me up with your tongue? Remember how hard you came after all that?By myself, I couldn’t get you that hot! That’s why I decided to make you eat strange cum out of me as often as possible. It was never as hot for me as it was for you. Remember how many times after eating some guy’s cum and me stroking your cock, you would groan and shake and shoot your cum so hard it would go way over your head and run down the bed headboard?Admit it Jim. It isn’t “just me fucking someone” that gets to you. It’s his cum in my pussy. Cum isn't just some gooie substance to you. It’s freaking alive! It has a power to make a baby inside me. That’s why the fantasy never got old for either of us. And I don’t think you’ve ever gotten so high as the time I told you I would be ovulating that coming weekend and was already off the pill! And how I was going to fuck every guy with “eight inches” or more at the club and you were going to have to watch me conceive MY next child! I didn’t tell you it wasn’t true. I needed you to believe I had really stopped taking the pill when I fucked those guys. I wanted to see if you could cross that line about someone else getting me pregnant. You did it with a raging hard on and by doing so you allowed me to conceive another man’s baby!Remember how turned on you were watching me fuck... What was it, four guys?Remember how excited you were licking me clean each time afterwards? Remember how I wouldn’t allow you to cum until the end of the weekend? And how by then your balls were all swollen... And how hard you cried when I allowed you to finally cum! Those were magical times for both of us Jim. The best times among so many wonderful times! Thank you for them. Think of all the interesting changes that came our way after we learned how to ‘envision something’ while edging each other to incredible heights. Did you even think we could take this particular ‘new baby thing’ to the brink of so many climaxes without the actual experience creating?”“Yea I know Ash. I worried about that more often than you know after we came down from those highs. You wanting to get pregnant was always hot. But...”“No buts... have some faith that it has finally created... and it’s creating better than we had ever imagined. Our fantasies never included another woman and yet here we are. Kim, BEAUTIFUL Kim, is yours now. It’s not just me and gorgeous Mike. There’s a nice balance to all this. Mike may be just a bit more handsome and refined than you but Kim is way more beautiful and talented than me. You are one lucky guy! She had her dreams for nine months. We had our fantasies for a few years. What’s the big difference between an intense dream or intense fantasy? Could you even imagine a better couple to do this with? Start thinking about ‘what if it works?’ What if the four of us become lifelong partners facing all of life’s challenges together, traveling together, building things together, proving our love to each other year after year... until ‘death do us part?’ Can you imagine how much more interesting life will be with them and our mutual kids at our sides? That’s how I’m viewing this. We’ve played around with so many fantasies and so many people. Aren’t you kinda done with that? I am. I’m ready for this! I’m ready for love. I’m ready for a new baby!”—————-We rode the rest of the way home without speaking much. I knew I had just stirred up a whole bunch in Jim but there was also so much inside me to think about. Like... Why I “love being in love” so much and why I fall into it so easily. It can create some problems...but despite that I resolved I didn’t want to live my life any other way. There was no possession, no house, no car, no vacation, no adventure, no accolade or sense of position or power that even comes close in meaning to me than that warm intoxicating feeling of falling in love with someone new and enjoying their company. Our lifestyle has allowed me to do that many times and from that point of view, I may be the luckiest woman in the world! Trusting someone, even someone you love, is an entirely different matter. Trust is not something I fall into. For me... it has to be earned. And I’m thinking this whole thing with Mike and Kim is going to take some time for trust to emerge. Nevertheless here I am again. Feeling such strong emotions for Mike and almost as much for his incredibly lovely wife and this new born baby, Poppy. This has never happened before, falling for three people, and a family no less! All I know is these feelings are much deeper than usual. They are visceral. I feel them in my gut like a vibration in sync with something on a much grander scale than I can imagine. Same is true for the sexual side with Mike. It has left me dripping all day long with something serious going on with my breasts. They started out feeling on fire in the hospital but now after letting Poppy suck on them and having that orgasm with her, they are aching. And as I’ve finished packing my clothes to move in with Kim, they seem swollen. “Jim... come in here. Look at my breasts. Do they look different to you?”“Different? Of course they are. I’ve always told you your tits were different. I could pick them out of a line-up blindfolded. Remember that time I did that in Jamaica? Babe... are you trying to get me hard? I don’t think we have time and I’m tellin ya. My cock is still tender from last night!”“No seriously. Come over here and feel them. Do they seem thicker than usual? Here. Put your hands underneath and lift them. Now squeeze them lightly... A little harder. Feel that thick spot right in the middle? It’s so sensitive there!”“Maybe Ash. I just think they feel great! But if we keep this up both of us are going to be late for dinner at their house. Mike said he was putting the steaks on at 7:30 and not to be late. That leaves us less than 30 minutes to get there. I’m packed and already have my bags in my car. How about you?”“I’m packed. Could you take these down? I’ll follow you there. But I’m telling ya. Something is going on with these boobs!”“Ash... What do you expect? You’ve just gone through probably the most emotionally intense experiences we’ve ever had with you delivering that baby, trying to nurse it... and on top of all that, falling in love with a new guy! Your hormones have to be raging. That’s got to send a jolt to every gland in your body! Grab your keys and I’ll meet you down at the cars. We gotta go! What have you got in these suitcases? Rocks?”——————So here it is. I’m moving in! It all seems so bizarre if not risky and yet so natural, all at the same time. My thoughts are all over the map just like they always are when it comes to love and sex. However... Jim and I have learned one thing over the last few years of our sexual exploits. When we get a certain quality or intensity in our erotic response, it is best to pause and take note. Something important is always at our doorstep. That discovery is one of the coolest aspects in our shared experiences. Great desire, not just the normal erotic triggers, but deep down desire has proved trustworthy and a good indicator of something new and worthwhile coming our way. That’s exactly how this whole encounter with Mike and Kim feels. I don’t think Jim and I have ever found a couple so equally matched to us, and that leaves both of us wondering about the “destiny of our souls.” They really are special people and I might as well tell you, since we met them, I was constantly dripping. I mean, I changed out the sixth pad inside my panties that day and was pretty sure it would also be soaked soon. Tomorrow both of our guys would be gone for maybe a couple weeks and then it would just be me, Kim and little Poppy. What were we getting ourselves into? ——————“Come on in you two. Mike is out back and just told me he put the steaks on when he heard you pull up. Jim, go ahead and take all those bags up to your room. Ash, want to help me get the drinks ready?”“Sure do! Got any Tanquerey?” “Oh yea! It’s Mike’s favorite. I’m more a Cuervo Gold gal. I’m not really into whiskey but I love its oak barrel aging. Wait... let me guess. I bet that’s what Jim likes too?”“Kim, if it’s not red wine then tequila or a margarita is nearly all he drinks unless he’s biking and then it’s beer. The hoppier the better!”“My goodness Ash. Same here. I can drink a whole pitcher of the stuff after a century ride! Wait... you said Jim bikes? Do you mean a bicycle?”“Oh yea. He ‘pushes pedals.’ I think he has 8 bicycles in the garage and is constantly buying and selling new ones. He’s hooked up with a few professional bikers on eBay. They get a new bike every year through their sponsors and then automatically sell their old one to Jim. So he’s always riding the best new bikes, year old bikes but new to him. Kim, sometimes I think he likes biking more than sex! Since he got into it years ago, he hardly golfs any more and even insists on having his current ‘favorite ride’ hanging on our bedroom wall. He says...‘The visual geometry of the bike does something important to my brain before I go to sleep.’ He even pets it every time he goes by and claims he can hear it whimper if he doesn’t take it out. He’s absolutely crazy about bikes. I’ve tried to do the rides with him. He’s even bought me a couple expensive ones. It’s just not me.”“Does he ever go on long rides like a century? A 100 miles? If he does I’m totally stealing him from you!”“Kim... all the time! and that makes him gone most of the day. It’s the one thing in our lives that separates us. I just can’t do it and I always feel bad not going with him.”“Oh my gawd Ash! This keeps getting better and better. I have the same problem with Mike! His idea of a great day is hunting antiques in quaint little stores or estate sales or old farm houses. He’s got an eye for it. He’s a ‘picker!’ Look around the house. Nearly everything we once had has been upgraded by an antique. I’d rather spend the day riding my bike through farm lands.”“Kim, We are swapping husbands. Picking is exactly what I love to do when Jim is out riding!” With —————“Girls... Steaks are done. Drinks ready? Jim and I are thirsty!” “Yes! Coming right out.” “Ash can you bring the two pitchers. I’ll get glasses and the ice. Geez. I can’t believe he BIKES!” The meal we shared couldn’t have been more lovely and romantic. Their patio table was as special as their grand old house. I’ve never seen a 6 foot cross sectional slab cut off the trunk of a redwood tree and used for a table top. It was about 4” thick and still had deeply furrowed bark around the edges. Set on a combination real limb pedestal, polished and coated with acrylic, it looked spectacular. Mike said, he had counted over 600 rings in that slab.He is also quite the chef. The grilled asparagus, zucchini, bell peppers were perfectly done, along with grilled mushrooms and sauce over quinoa, and those “Japanese steaks”... They were definitely the thickest and most succulent I’ve ever had. Jim commented...“You know Ash, Toyota’s Kobe beef is a bit pricey. That’s because it is really made by Lexus!”That smart ass comment kinda made Mike and Kim choke on their food. All I knew was, I’ve never had a steak that seemed to melt in my mouth! I guess I’ll just have to get used to Mike’s sense of style and budget. I might have added a nice bottle or two of red wine instead of our pitchers but it was really intimate sitting by myself next to Mike sharing our T&Ts all night and talking antiques while Kim and Jim were snuggled up talking bikes with their pitcher of margaritas. All four of us were laughing and teasing each other about our different proclivities and we all ended up well lubricated by the time the meal was finished. Ok. I’m sure you’re thinking we had to talk about more than just antiques and bicycles and we did.After setting plans and expectations for the coming weeks of Mike and Jim being away in North Florida... the conversation went directly into sex, along with recounting the night we had just shared, what made us laugh about it, what scared the crap out of us, and what the implications of our meeting each other might mean. Eventually we had to discuss the huge “white elephant” in the room... Which was Kim’s dreams about “meeting this wonderful couple, falling in love with them, and two years later each of us having a new baby with each other’s spouse.” As crazy as that sounds, I think Jim and I were starting to share a feeling it all might be coming true. The whole conversation shifted with Kim’s surprising apology. “Jim and Ashley... I am embarrassed and sorry about blurting out my dreams to you last night. I know I’m a little bit drunk right now, but looking back to last night I think I was a little “sex drunk” then too. It seems now a horrible thing to do to you both. It’s not like me to do something as that. I’ve hosted hundreds of people on my tours over the last few years and I’m normally very good at reading people and good at tiptoeing around their psychological issues while never imposing on them. Last night I more than imposed on both of you and acted like some silly teenaged girl in love. So now I’m asking your forgiveness. You’ve both have been extraordinarily understanding, kind and helpful since we’ve met you. Honestly... I don’t understand why I haven’t scared you off.”I was a bit confused when Kim said that. I didn’t expect nor think an apology was needed, although it was a nice thing to hear from this new mother. However it totally sobered up the atmosphere at the table. Fortunately Jim jumped in with words that made me proud of him. “Kim... Ashley and I have been in this lifestyle for several years now and we are quite aware of how conversations and confessions come out while we are erotically charged. Last night was like that for all of us... but for me it was the most intense sex I’ve ever had with anyone in this lifestyle. It certainly matched anything Ash and I have ever shared. I sense those feelings seem mutual at this table... no apology is certainly needed for that. As far as your dreams go, I understand why it all came out because we were all high as a kite in sex last night. I don’t think you are telling us right now you don’t believe them any more. I think the real question is if your dreams are truly precognitive or not. I am starting to believe they might be. I’ve thought about that all day and this is what I’ve come up with. If we were the wrong couple, I mean if we were not the couple in your dreams, or if the dreams were nothing more than your imaginations during your pregnancy, then don’t you think that sometime during last evening and today, something would’ve ‘gone south’ or at least as you just said, ‘scared us off’? Instead, the opposite has occurred. We all felt an intense attraction to each other and then sharing the birth of Poppy... obviously that grew us closer or as Ashley has said, ‘It love bonded us!’ Kim... I am absolutely... oh what’s the word I’m looking for... ‘SMITTEN with you’... and everything I’ve learned about you by talking tonight and talking this morning with your husband. As far as I know, he feels the same way about Ashley. And the part about having each other’s babies... I can tell you this. Ashley has had a fantasy about about getting impregnated by another man for years. I bet I’ve helped her to a hundred orgasms when the trigger was not me. Instead it was the thought of her getting knocked up by another guy cumming inside. Both of us have always wondered why that particular fantasy worked so well and so long. I’ve rarely heard of it being common in the crowds we’ve played with. Yet... here we are with you two. Maybe all of Ashley’s fantasies were touching something in her future... just like your dreams.You and Mike and Ashley seem predisposed to swapping fathers. I’ll have to be honest. I need some time to adjust to that idea. The implications seem far and wide to me. But if Ashley’s fantasy was going to happen with anyone I would want it to be with you two. I’m glad it’s now all out in the open and not some resident agenda you and Mike were hiding from us. I believe honesty is the foundation to any relationship and especially when we are all about to embark on a journey into intertwined relationships that few people ever think possible let alone attempt. Kim... I feel like I’m falling in love with you in ways that are way beyond my logical mind. I’m glad Mike and I are leaving for a couple weeks. That should give us all some time to cool down and see if the feelings we’ve shared this weekend remain. I think we will all know better what’s really real...when we get back.”By the time Jim was done speaking all that and more, Kim was openly sobbing and continued doing so until Jim flipped his leg over the curved matching redwood bench to face and firmly hug her. Mike was holding both my hands as he had done during Jim’s talk and continued through Kim’s emotional release. We just sat and watched our spouses in awe. It could not have seemed more sacred to both of us than if a huge beam of light had come out of the sky and engulfed Jim and Kim. None of us spoke for a long while, not until Kim stopped sobbing and shaking. Jim then spoke a most profound insight that would end up shaping our mutual relationships for years to come...“If this is going to work between the four us, it will start or end with how it works between Kim and Ashley. I don’t sense that Mike and I will have as many potential issues as the two of you might, especially when it comes to possessiveness. He and I have already crossed the bridge of sexual submissiveness and have long since been comfortable with you two having other lovers. The question is can you both handle the aspects of new babies? Can you both learn to love each other, be kind to each other and be compassionate and understanding? And this might be even more important... Will you both fall in love with each other on par with how you love us? I think that’s the only way this is going to work. It’s going to boil down to choosing love and loving responses vs choosing criticisms and separation. If you two can manage that,亚洲午夜久久久影院伊人 then we all might build a very special joint family. When Mike and I get back, I hope you two have figured that out and if you both say yes, an emphatic yes, then let’s consider this...We completely swap wives for 90 days and after that time we review our relationships and continue or adjust our agreement. But when I say swap, I mean really swap. Nothing pretend. I want to sleep with Kim every night. I want to answer to her only, and her to me, for what we decide is important to us and how we spend our days just as if we were married and monogamous. If we can arrange at least some short honeymoon together while dealing with this new baby, all the better and I suggest the same for both of you. I don’t think we should even think about swapping back until that 90 days is over. I suggest we enter this with absolutely no predetermined limits on how far we fall in love with each other. Realistically, it may be hard at times. We may get feelings of jealousy and even get totally pissed with each other. But hopefully, after all that, we will have a better idea if this is a mere fantasy or something more divinely inspired and energized. We need to realize going in to this that it could end up disastrous to both of our marriages. We might decide to just get back with our wives or... we could end up leaving them to stay with each other’s wife... and as “new couples” go our separate ways. Separation is a realistic outcome we must contemplate. It’s important that we all see this as a huge gamble. Mike, by planning this 90 day separation, I’m not proposing we forget or fall out of love with our spouses. Nor am I very afraid this will indeed end our marriages. Ashley and I have had plenty of tempting chances to leave our marriage and might have if we wanted to. I feel pretty secure in our love and I sense the same is true for you two. Mike... I guess what I am suggesting is that we take some time to concentrate on building a life with our new spouse, our second wife, and if that works for both of us, actually works for all four of us, then at the end of 90 days we can plan the next period of time, maybe another 90 days or whatever we decide it should be. But if we all believe Kim’s dreams to be true, a little over a year from now I’m going to have impregnated ner with a new baby, as you will have with Ash. That’s damn heavy for me to think about right now but... as Ashley has been reminding me... potentially this crazy thing could also be incredibly like an utopia of love. A year goes by pretty fast. That’s why I believe we need to get right into it for the next 90 days and see if this can work.”There was really no discussion necessary. We all knew Jim was right. I liked the idea and knew I wanted Mike as a “husband” and not just a lover. After talking with him tonight I could sense he was really ready for someone like me too. Mike was everything Jim was not and vice versa was equally true. It’s not like I was done with Jim or wanted to leave him...definitely not that. There was just a longing for someone like Mike inside me that came bubbling up to the surface this weekend, something I didn’t quite know was still there. And as I’ve watched Jim and Kim, it seems also true for both of them. I’m so happy for him. Kim is so much more his type and what he has missed in me. Realizing that would normally have made me so jealous but there I was holding hands with the man of my dreams. I think we all agreed it would be best to find out what was going to work or not work...sooner than later. I ended the evening by standing up from the table saying... “Ok but I’m claiming THIS husband for one last night before our 90 day thing begins. You two probably want to be with Poppy anyway. Speaking of which, I can hardly believe she’s been so quiet. Time to check on her. We’re going to bed. See you both in the morning!”——————The moment we closed our bedroom door I jumped in Jim’s arms with my legs wrapped around his waist. He grabbed my butt and walked me over to our beautiful antique bed replete with the obligatory squeaks. I can’t remember the last time we so passionately attacked each other! Jim pulled hard on my blouse with both hands, ripping it open causing buttons to fly and releasing the front clasp of my bra. His mouth was immediately on my right breast licking and sucking my nipple and then sucking as much of my boob into his mouth as possible while tonguing my nipple. He’s got that technique down. No one has ever sucked my tits as well as Jim. Besides the outrageous idea of Jim leaving me and me leaving him for a “handsome man of style”... what made this time even more different was the aching fire in my boobs. It didn’t take but a few minutes and I was rocking in an unusually deep orgasm! And other than my favorite blouse being ripped open, we were both still fully clothed! Jim then moved to my left breast, before I really wanted him to, and attacked it in a fit of passion. Well that breast had been aching more than the right and it took him even less time to get my back arched as high as it would go in another shattering long lasting orgasm! I finally collapsed in a panting fit!“Oh you rocking hot stud, I said laughing. You aren’t thinking about me! You are pretending you are about to fuck Kim aren’t ya?”Jim didn’t answer. He only went back to my right boob and resolved that feeling of “unfinished business” he had left in it. Just about as quickly, he sent me into my third orgasm as I was arching my back again like a bucking bronco! Now I was starting to feel the aerobic effects of all this and perspiration was forming on my face as Jim switched off my right breast, again before I wanted him too, and attacked my left breast. That too sent me rocking in another unusually deep orgasm. This had never happened before. Normally a breast orgasm is rather light and leaves me longing for a mouth on my clit. Not this time. All I heard myself saying was... “Don’t you fucking stop! Suck my entire boob longer...not just my nipples! Everything inside just keeps getting more sensitive!” So he didn’t stop and continued alternating breasts, each time until I convulsively came, and then left for the other breast and that feeling of leaving before I ever wanted him to... Each time it got more intense. Something strange was happening with my boobs. I started loosing count how many intense orgasms I had until everything went black. I must've passed out. That’s happened only one time before... with a woman, when Gail was making love to me. I woke up in the middle of the night. My clothes were off. My hair was all wet which must’ve been from the sweat. We were both under the covers and Jim was spooning me while fast asleep. I don’t think we ever made love. Fuck! Jim had to have been really turned on yet I didn’t help him out. I reached down and felt my panties. They were still on but were as soaked as if I had wet myself. I put my fingers inside them to feel my burning clit and in only a few strokes I was cumming again. Afterwards, when I put my fingers in my mouth like I always do after I masturbate, they didn’t smell or taste like semen. Nope. Jim had not gotten into my panties while I was out. I might’ve woken him up by rolling over and sucking his cock but something inside told me not to. I was in a strange orgasmic glow that was a little bittersweet. Somehow those orgasms seemed to grant a release from Jim, maybe even released our marriage. I knew I was going to be Mike’s “wife” now for three months and more than that, my lesbian side was surely going to emerge with Kim. Yea and more than that... What I was feeling at that moment had nothing to do with Jim, or maybe even Mike. I was feeling very “breasty” and what emerged in my minds eye were Kim’s beautiful globes. Jim was right about that. I too have never seen such beauty in any set of breasts at any of our clubs. That might’ve made me a little envious of Kim or even jealous except I knew those “two babies” were going to be mine all mine for the next couple weeks. Just thinking about that made my own boobs tingle and start to burn. So I reached up and started to roll my nipples, one and then the other, until I stiffened in another orgasm. This time something really strange happened... my hand was all wet, as was the sheet below my tits. How could that be possible?I quickly put my fingers in my mouth and immediately recognized the taste. Oh my gawd. My milk is coming in! This clearly tasted like colostrum. No wonder my breasts were so sensitive. I suspected something like this was going on, but I never believed this could happen so fast. So there I was a new nursing woman with no baby of her own. Oh this is too good to be true! Now all I could think of was little Poppy and nursing her in the morning. ——————Jim was up before I was, but woke me as he dressed and went downstairs for breakfast with Mike. So I snuck in Kim’s room and found her fast asleep. As I walked over to that immense crib, I found little Poppy awake, cooing and looking right up at me. She was so adorable. I had to pick her up and then walk her over to their old rocker. Immediately Poppy was searching for a nipple just like she had been doing that for weeks and since I was nude, except for my still moist panties, it was easy for her to find one. We rocked like that for at least twenty minutes. It was one of the most exquisite nursings I could remember having. Yes, my milk started flowing. Both breasts. Poppy went back and forth between the two several times. And yes, each time I had another orgasm, not “bed rocking” types like last night, but still wonderful. Was it always going to be this way with Poppy? I never had this many with my own children. If this keeps up, Kim and I will probably fight over who gets to nurse her. It must’ve been my moans while nursing that woke her but when I finally opened my eyes, I saw Kim sitting up in the bed smiling at me. “Ashley... that was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed! How many times did you cum for goodness sake?”“I lost count, Kim. But that’s not the good part! Guess what came in last night! My milk! I woke up in the middle of the night with my breasts on fire and as I was starting to tweak them colostrum started squirting, not oozing, but squirting all over my hand and the sheets. I don’t know how this is possible but they were pretty full of milk this morning. Look at her! She’s sound asleep and satisfied!”“Go put her down and then and come over here. As punishment for stealing my baby, you have to help me out! My breasts are bursting at the seams!”—————-Well... this is how it started with Kim. I came over to her bed, grabbed her head and stuck my tongue down her throat as we tumbled backwards into her piled up comforter. It was a bit outrageous for me to do that but was so much fun I just shock myself. Golly this gal can French kiss! And I thought I was good. We grabbed each other’s head and mashed our mouths. There a desperate feeling about Kim. She’s was clearly ready for it, clearly more experienced kissing a woman than I was. I loved it! I remember thinking while our tongues swirled... “We are going to do this a lot these next couple weeks!” Soon, way too soon, Kim started pushing my head down to her breasts and literally forced me to start nursing her. I’ve tasted my own milk before and have always found it to be nice, sweet, and a little thinner than cow’s milk. But never have I gotten it straight from a nipple. Oh this was nice! Kim’s milk was sweeter than I remember mine and seemed thicker too. I was turned and I was hungry so I wasted no time devouring her breasts. Here’s the thing I learned right away. If I sucked her nipple and areola just right, kind of like Jim always does with a combination of sucking the breast first and then the nipple, I could get her milk to squirt pretty hard and not just dribble into my mouth. Once I learned that, I felt like I was milking Kim.Of course this intense breast action had Kim’s back arched off the sheets too. I guess we have one thing in common. We both cum pretty damn easily with only our nipples in action. Oh how I love the feeling of an orgasm rippling through someone’s body as I’m loving on them. It’s really good with a guy but great with a woman. And that morning with Kim, it seemed she had “three clits” with her nipples this sensitive. Her tits left my mind spinning with thoughts of how we would eventually make love to each other. I drained her right breast in short order and moved to her left doing the same until it stopped squirting and looked up at Kim. She had the most beautiful glow about her and it made me realize why Jim was so taken by her beauty. I started to reach up to kiss her again when she said... “Ashley please don’t stop. That was one of the most wonderful sensations I’ve ever had. There’s still more milk there. I can feel it. Just go slower.” So I did and this time, I wasn’t attacking her breasts like some inexperienced teenager. I made love to them instead. Slowly. Enjoying her tasty nipples as more milk kept rewarding me each time I sucked. I wish I knew how to describe what I was really experiencing with Kim. I guess there’s a line that can be crossed when a woman makes love to a woman. Now I’ve played with girls. I’ve sucked a few pussies and worked a few clits to an orgasm. But at a club that is all playful. It’s not real and I often did it just to get Jim or some husband all jacked up watching me with his wife. This was very different. I was really making love... to a woman. No man was involved and I touched for the first time what it felt like to be a lesbian. I loved it. I felt free and like I would forever be a different person. In those moments I wanted Kim for myself. I think that is the essence of being lesbian. You just want this woman all for yourself, forever. You want her beauty, her sex, her personality, her sense of want to be with her all the time. It’s a hole or maybe better... a vortex I felt pulling me in and something couldn’t and didn’t want to resist. All I knew in that moment was, I loved those new feelings. Maybe it was the milk. Maybe nursing Kim triggered a long forgotten time when I was a baby and I loved nursed my mom. But I now understood why some guys love lactating women! I don’t know how long that went on. It was awhile and I only looked up when I heard a cough at the door. There looking in, were Jim and Mike with huge smiles on their faces!“Ashley! Damnit gurl...I don’t think you left anything for poor little Poppy!”“Jim, you aren’t going to believe this but my milk came in last night!It’s all your fault the way you abused my boobs! Early this morning I was leaking colostrum all over the sheets and this morning when I got up I actually nursed little Poppy until she was satisfied and fell asleep! Kim woke up while I was doing that and since her breasts were full and aching, and little Poppy’s tummy was full of MY milk, Kim punished me by making me drain her poor, wonderful boobs! I am just doing what made me do!”“Yea right! And that’s why your hand was between your legs the entire time too!I guess you two are off to a good start. Two nursing moms! How convenient is that going to be!” said my teasing husband.Then Mike chimed in. “Kim and Ashley... don’t forget about us while we are gone! We expect you to make it up when we get back.Listen... don’t get out of bed. Enjoy the afterglow and the bonding that’s happening. There’s no point in interrupting that. Besides... Jim and I have to get going. We are so late getting off. We will call you along the way or when we get there this afternoon.”With that they just disappeared out the doorway and left us!! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Oh well... I’ve got Kim in my arms to suck and fuck all day! We may not be spending much time out of bed! ———————It’s just the three of us now. And I’m thinking... Who needs guys anyway when the next few weeks seem so romantic in this gorgeous house... the house that is starting to feel like mine! Wow. Holy shit! This house mighty be mine!Yup. That warm wonderful feeling I crave of falling in love with someone new is back, and this time not just with a guy. Now it’s about Kim and this little adorable girl, the little girl I delivered in the back of an SUV, speeding down the boulevard!