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I love your cock Pete国产女人高潮嗷嗷叫视频

My First Straight Guy Part 2I woke up the next morning from having an amazing and wild night with Matt and Tara to a text from both of them. “Hey Pete, Thank you so much for last night, Matt and I had such a great time, he was wondering when we could all do it again sometime.” I knew that Tara had a fun time but she doesn’t realize how fun of a time Matt really had. That make out session before I left and him practically begging me to have him whenever I want just played on my mind all night. I closed out of Tara's message and got a hard on just from the anticipation from opening Matt’s message. “Hey Pete, when I woke up this morning I was wishing to be woken up to the feeling of you inside of meagain. Tara is going out tonight for girls night if you’re free to come and hang out.”Reading that message from Matt, I couldn’t help but whip out my now raging hard on and just play with myself just imagining what I was going to do with Matt tonight. It didn’t take me look to shoot a huge load all over my stomach, which I eagerly cleaned up and then got myself ready for the day. All day I’m just counting the minutes until I can go see Matt again, I feel like a school boy with a crush, but it’s a crush with my best friends husband who is now craving more than what she can give him. I feel bad, I really do, but its so hard to find someone who is as attractive as Matt and also a straight boy who is begging for you to fuck him behind his wife’s back. I know I may loose a friendship if she ever catches us but it’s a risk I feel like I have to take. When I came inside him and we kissed after, I felt such a strong spark that I cant let it go without at least another go with him and see how he feels. “Hey, the wife is getting ready to go out with her friends now and she should be gone for a couple hours at least. I’ve had a plug in for the last hour and I’ve been counting the minutes until I could see you again. Come by after 6 and come up to the bedroom, you’ll find me waiting for you. “I got that message and had about an hour to clean up and get over there. I hopped in the shower right away and made sure I was fully groomed. I made sure to look and smell nice, though the clothes won’t be on long I imagine. It was getting close to 6 so I grabbed my keys and started towards Matt’s house. Driving towards my destination I almost swore I passed Tara, but instead of her girls, she was with a car full of guys and it certainly looked like they weren’t keeping their hands to themselves. I hurried to Matt’s with this new found information and didn’t know if I should share it or not, but I did know that him and I were going to have some wild fun and I wasn’t going to feel an ounce of shame for it. I pulled up to the house and walked up to the door, it was unlocked so I let myself in and headed towards upstairs to where I see only one light on. As I enter the room, I see Matt, blindfolded, naked and somehow he managed to tie himself to the bed. As I approach him, I don’t say a word, I just strip down and just marvel at his naked perfect body, I just love his cute frame and his 6” cock is just so sexy and at full attention as he can feel me getting closer. I get to his side and just run my fingers along his chest, as he shivers to my touch I can feel the goosebumps running along his entire body. I just can’t help myself and instantly reach for his hard cock, it feels so nice and soft and it was so hard as a rock just from my one touch. I slowly worked my hand up and down his raging hard on as I touch his whole body as I climb onto the bed. I release my grip and he starts to buck his hips in response, I lift one leg over his face and lower myself over his face. He had a mouth full of my large nuts and started to kiss and suck on them for dear life, soon enough he will get everything inside of them, but in due time. As Matt continues on me, I figured I would lower myself down onto him and engulfed his raging hard cock into my eager hungry mouth. We stay like this for a couple of minutes,伊人成色综合人夜夜久久 I release him and climb off of him while still sliding my fingers all over his body, I untie his feet and lift up his legs to find a plug still inside of him. I remove the plug and put it aside, I grabbed some lube that was on the night stand and squirt a little on him in a little on my fingers, I slowly insert one finger at a time. As I insert one I see his face in pure pleasure wanting more, I answered one more and I hit his prostate and he started moaning extremely loud. Matt has come to love something inside of him, as much as I love watching him love my fingers, I removed the two fingers to a gasp as to where did they go. I lowered myself onto Matt and give him a strong and passionate kiss which he returns with tongue and lots of it. I know that Matt is fully into this now so I break the kiss and remove the blindfold to last filled eyes. As Matt opens his eyes and see me between his legs and lined up to enter his tight hole, I hear the words that just sent me over the edge. “Fuck me Pete, fuck me and breed me until you cant cum anymore.” With that I kissed him one more time right before slowly entering his willing hole, though Matt had different plans. Matt wrapped his legs around my and pulled me in close and fast. “lets not take this slow, I love your cock Pete, you make me feel so full and warm inside of me.”That was such a sock to hear but I almost felt guilty until I remembered that Tara was off with 4 guys doing God knows what. Hear what Matt wanted, I had no reason to not give him what he asked for. I started feeding Matt my hard cock, he was moaning so loud and it didn’t take long before he was shooting his first of many loads all over himself. I scooped up what I could and fed it to him before coming down to give him a kiss so we can share this whole experience. The look in Matt’s eyes were of just pure love and ecstasy, we were in pure sync and bucking back and forth until Matt asks to change positions. I untie his hands and once he is free, he grabs me and we kiss for what felt like 10 minutes, holding each other and holding each other close. We break our kiss and Matt instantly drops to my cock and starts sucking for my seed. It felt so good and be was doing some new things he didn’t do before and damn it felt good. Matt was getting me super close to cumming but I didn’t want to yet and begged him to stop but Matt was in a trance and wanted my seed. A minute later I was busting my first of many loads down Matts throat.Matt gets up and kisses me again, this passion was so unexpected but so appreciated, it instantly got me hard again as we kissed and he played with me. He broke our kiss with a cheeky smile and then suddenly climbs on top of me and without warning he slides down my to the base and starts riding me hard. I’m bracing for support so I can get the right leverage and Matt is just loving every second of it. As Matt continues to ride my cock, he’s now hard again and I’m jerking him slowly to our rhythm, I can feel his balls start to tighten and knew he was going to blow another load. He starts to close his eyes and throws his head back and just screams out im cumming and starts to buck his hips like a mad man. Matt came all over my chest and a little landed on my cheek, Matt leaned down and licked it off and shared it with my once again. This was so hot and he was so sexy that I was getting close to nutting again, I let Matt know I’m close and he rides me harder. As Matt is bouncing up and down, he reaches around and grabs my balls and gives them a little squeeze and shot me over the edge and I couldn’t hold back any more. Shot after shot filled Matts hole, he rode me and I filled him until I was too sensitive to go on. Matt came down and we made out until we fell asleep in each other’s arms as cum was still flowing out of Matt. I woke up to a door slamming and a pissed off Tara…………..Please comment and like for part 3

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